Care instructions for TENCEL®

Tips & Tricks

Care instructions for light weight Articles/T-shirts made out of/with TENCEL®

1. Washing : Fabrics which have been treated with crosslinkers (resin finish) and which show good colour fastness can be washed carefully in a household (washing machine at 40°C).

2. Bleaching : With respect to the colour fastness, chlorine and oxygen bleaching are not recommended.

3. Tumbling : Tumbler drying is not recommended (due to the smooth fibre surface of TENCEL®, tumbling will increase hairiness especially in articles with open constructions) but possible if the fabrics are resin finished.

4. Ironing :  Ironing is possible using medium temperatures.

5. Dry Cleaning : Normal dry cleaning processing is possible. The elongation and colour fastness of the fabric should be tested to ensure suitability.